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MLM Success Training- The MLM Success Secrets of Warm Market Leads

Author: Doug Firebaugh

by Doug Firebaugh

In order to start your business, you must do what is called a ""Memory Jogger"", which is a list of names of people that you know that you will call or contact to tell about your products or mlm business.

Most folks that do a memory Jogger in mlm, or makes a names List, find that they have some difficulty coming up with the names. The Network marketing Company you have partnered with should provide you with a list of ""Triggers"" that will trigger your mind of people that you know.


It is a Psychological Fact that if you are 25 years or older, you know 1000 people.

You have just forgotten most of them, so you need a reminder of them. That is the purpose for a Network Marketing Memory Jogger.

The list could contain names of family, occupations, associations, plus many more. You need to look at the list and come up with as many names as you can.

A list would look something like this:

Mother Father Sisters Brothers Cousins Neighbors Friends Church Accountants Bankers Attorneys Builders Construction workers Communication workers Car Salesman Coaches Dancers Electrical workers Engineers Fireman Florists Flooring Sales Jewelers Karate Instructors Life Insurance Sales Legal Assistants Machine Shop workers Retail Sales clerks


You get the idea.

But you must come up with at least 50 names the first attempt.

This will give you what I call a ""Working Inventory"".

Inferno Secret:

Your REAL Inventory is NOT the products or Services your company sells. It is PEOPLE.

And you MUST have people to talk to about what you are doing. Many folks who start out have way too few names, and then complain that they have no one to talk to. Think of everyone you know WITHOUT judging their interest level, and write their name down. Use the Memory Jogger provided by your network marketing company, and do it with your upline. It will become a very important part of your beginning success in MLM.


Use the ""Follow your Dollar"" strategy to come up with names for your warm market list. WHO are you spending money with to live your life and purchase things for you and your family?

Who is your Insurance Agent?

Who did you buy your car from?

Who do you buy your clothes from?

Who sold you your house?

Who do you buy your airline tickets from?

Whose your doctor?

Who does your taxes?

Who is your Dentist?

Are you starting to get the point?

There are people you do business with. You need to let them know you could use their help in your new network marketing enterprise.

Say, ""I think you would agree that I do a lot of business with you, and I need your help with my new enterprise.""


To DOUBLE the size of any Memory Jogger, you need to ask a question.

""Who do you know that they know?""

This will double the size of any Names List you can potentially come up with.

Doing a Memory Jogger is important to your getting off to a good start in Network Marketing. Make sure you do it and follow the suggestions your company recommends for massive MLM and Network Marketing Success.

God Bless you,


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About the author: Doug Firebaugh is one of the top MLM Network Marketing Trainers in the world. Over a million people a month read his training ezine. He spent the last 7 years traveling the world speaking and training on Success. He lives in Birmingham Michigan, and you can receive a FREE subscription to his training ezine- The MLM Success HEAT- at:

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What Is Network Marketing?

Author: kevin quigley

To begin with, the concept behind network marketing is simple. Sharing - through product or business philosophy - is the basis of network marketing.

Network marketing is a multi-billion pound industry involving millions of independent business people around the globe. Large companies like Gillette, Colgate-Palmolive, Kleeneze Europe, AT&T and others, have all turned to network marketing because of the very real edge it gives them in both domestic and international marketing.

Network marketing is a 'BIG' small business, which offers everyone, with or without business experience, the opportunity to start and run a home-based business that works. It is the last frontier where 'the little guy', (people like you and me) can make it BIG.


The traditional way of marketing products is to move them from a manufacturer through a network of middlemen. National Wholesalers, regional wholesalers, Cash & Carry warehouses, retailers, - the 'middlemen' - all add their 'valueless' percentage to the price of the product.

By the time the product or service reaches you, the end user, you're not only paying for the product, but a percentage of the price for each and every middleman in the network.

In network marketing there are no middlemen. Instead of paying them, a network marketing company will pay you for whatever amount of product you cause to be 'moved'.

As a sole individual operating alone, the amount of product or service provision you could 'move' from your own efforts, would be relatively small. In network marketing however, the amount you 'caused' to be moved indirectly could be huge.

Here then is the essence of a network marketing compensation plan. For not only will you be compensated for the product or service provision you personally cause to be moved from your own direct efforts, you will also receive indirect compensation for the product or service provision that your 'organisation' 'causes' to be moved.


To be successful in network marketing you will need to build an 'organisation'. That is to say you will need to 'share' the benefits of both the products/service provision and the business opportunity with others. In network marketing this is referred to as your 'downline'.

The 'serious' money to be had in network marketing is to be had from what is termed as 'over-ride' commissions from the 'movement' of product or service provision from the 'downline' your 'sponsor' will help you to build.(In network marketing it is the responsibility of your introducing 'sponsor' to help you build your 'downline'.)

All you need to do initially to build a 'downline' is to 'share' with others the information about the products or service provision and the business opportunity on offer.

Theoretically, if after 'sharing' the information with others and you subsequently attracted just five SERIOUS individuals who decided to join you in your network marketing business - for illustration purposes only - your 'downline' could equate to the following after five levels of geometric growth:

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7 Easy Ways to Make More Money in Network Marketing

Author: Daegan Smith

7 Easy Ways to Make More Money in Network Marketing

Hit a snag lately? Haven't been able to recruit any new agents? Is you network marketing job paying less and less because you can't generate any sales? You don't have to fret! With these easy network marketing tips, you can revitalize your sales pitch and methods in no time at all!

1. Contacts

Remember that your contacts are your most valuable asset. Who are your contacts? The people you see on the streets? Your next door neighbor?

When considering whom to invite, try those closest to you first. This is because they are most likely to be more open to your suggestions and will be willing to do you a few favors (such as buying that detergent you are hawking). The great thing about this is that they will really mind plunking a few bucks to help jumpstart your business. And when they see that you are doing well, they could very well join you as well.

When you run through the whole list of you clan, what will that leave you with? You will of course have to go to those people that next in line with regards to closeness or affinity to you. And what if that gives out too?

You can always adopt a friendlier stance and chat up that neighbor you never talked to. You could meet new people on the bus and on the train. But remember, you have to like them as people first. Don't go about and look at them like walking piggy banks. People will know if they are being looked upon as 'things.' Always regard them highly and get to know them. Build their trust. The truth is, the friendships you build will be the true reward, and the sales will be just a side dish.

Always ask for referrals from your contacts. This is another sure way to increase your prospects.

2. Believe

If you yourself do not believe in your product, chances are you won't be able to sell it to others. Remember, nothing promotes a product better that a satisfied customer. Let others see you using the product. Say glowing things about it. And most of all, let all that you say be true. If your customer finds out you weren't being honest, you could ruin your business relationship.

When you choose a network business, take into consideration their product. See if you can believe in it and pitch for it effectively.

3. Recruit the right people

Don't just recruit anybody. Make sure the people you recruit share an unbridled passion, and tireless work ethic with like you. If you don't chances are, they will drop out of the networking business and you will not be able to build your downline.

4. Don't force the issue

When trying to close a sale, don't force the issue. If you do, people will get suspicious as to why you are doing so. Are selling them counterfeit items? Are you only interested in your profit and not in your customer's satisfaction? Always keep this in mind: the customer always comes first. Please them, and the profits and windfall from these relationships will follow.

5. Look the part

When recruiting others, you can't say, ""You will get rich with network marketing,"" and look shabby all the while. They'd say, ""I thought you got rich from this thing, why do you look like you didn't."" People will want to see a visible sign of success. You are their only reference point. If you are not convincing as a successful networking agent,

6. Hang in there

Perseverance is a virtue. If money grew on trees, you'd still have to wait for them to grow. Remember the old adage: try and try, until you succeed. Remember that your goal is not to just to get money, but to build upon a good income generating business.

7. Evolve

Don't be satisfied thinking that your techniques at recruiting will forever be effective. Although there are basic principles that should be followed, you can forever improve on your techniques. Today's society is constantly evolving. If you want to catch up with them, you have to evolve in your marketing strategies as well.

Try 'Em

Try these tips. They are sure to give you more confidence in your network marketing strategy!

About the author: Daegan Smith is the leader of the fastest growing team of successful home business enterpernuers on the net. Find out how we're creating financial freedom all across the globe and how to get in on the action FREE => and author of Internet MLM Success! - ""The Next Revolution in Network Marketing!"" =>

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How to avoid the top 5 time wasting activities in your internet mlm home business

Author: Joel Teo

Many people love to build their internet mlm business from home on a part time basis. Therefore because it is part time so you need to really be very focused before you can earn serious amounts of money. This article highlights 5 major time wasters in any internet mlm business and explains how you can avoid them somewhat.

Paralysis by analysis Any one who has been building an internet mlm business for sometime will have realized by now that there are 101 internet mlm business ventures online. Most if not all of them have the same concept or rewarding those who refer more people than others. A good idea would be to spend time finding one program that has a monthly payment fee that is acceptable to you and work hard to build that business.

There will always be greener pastures out there and unless you focus and learn what it takes to build one business, you will always be running off to the next best thing without making any money online in your internet mlm home business.

Cold lead calling An internet home based business has the advantage of online lead generation. If you are not using an automated followup system you are seriously wasting a lot of time. Link an automated followup system to your landing page for whatever business venture you want to be involved in and then once someone signs up, your system goes to work and helps them get started.

There is only one of you and if you were to spend time calling cold leads that you purchased off the internet, you might as well join an offline mlm business. Focus your time on generating more targeted website traffic to your internet landing page and start seeing more targeted signups and visitors to your business.

Get rich quick schemes There are many types of scams online. Some of them promise you that you will start making money quickly online. The problem with this is that those that do promise you fast riches also tend to be ponzi scams that run off with your money. You are therefore better off if you spent your time focusing on mlm business ventures and working to promote them. The top internet marketers like Stone Evans, he develops profitable business websites and then spends his energy promoting these websites.

Its all about promotion really in any internet home business. The more leads and people you generate from your promotions the more money you make. Teach your downline this and you will find them thanking you a lot later.

Million Hits Traffic Generation schemes Following from the previous point, some people therefore think that the more website traffic the better their sales. They end up joining some traffic generation scheme and spent their day clicking on traffic exchanges. Personally I think this is a waste of time if you do not do it correctly. Everyone on such exchanges is a business owner and therefore unless you can show your business is better than theirs, you will not get any signups.

Others waste time by purchasing million hits from companies that claim to sell website traffic. These typically are popunder and popup advertising. Most people today online are tired and sick of such ads and as a result their effectiveness online has been dropping.

What works then? Article marketing and Pay Per Click Advertising. Spend time online reading about these two methods and you will start making money online.

Molly cuddling downlines The very basis of an internet home based business is that you want to get downlines who are serious in building a business. You want to attract people who can work on their own and make money on their own. Spending time managing your downlines is the biggest mistake any internet mlm business owner will do as your downlines will start emulating you and your business will not work. Your downlines should be spending their efforts on promotion and not managing the business as this is the basis of network marketing. Teach them that you treat promotion daily as an important thing to do and ask them to do likewise to build their internet mlm business.

In conclusion, like Steven Covey states, first things first. Like any top CEO of a company, spend time on profit making activities first and other less important things second. Take massive action today on the ""right things"" and start seeing massive profits online.

About the author: Joel Teo is the successful owner of several successful internet business ventures. Click here to learn how you can start your own successful internet business today. Copyright © 2005-2006 Joel Teo the Coolest Guy On The Planet

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Network Marketing Training- The MLM Success Secrets of Explaining Your MLM Comp Plan

Author: Doug Firebaugh


That is what drives the MLM industry. The quest for a better life, a better future, and a better income.

Why did you join your network marketing company?

For something to do?

Yeah -- right.

That is why 99% of all folks who enroll in MLM companies join -- for a better lifestyle. And the hope of making more money is what drives the network marketing industry.

Every MLM company has a way they pay their distributors, known as a ""Compensation Plan."" Or ""Comp Plan"". Your company has one and that is how you are paid, by the volume you have created by the Comp Plan.

You go out, and create Volume of sales, and you get a certain percentage of the sales. Most plans focus on the sale, or movement of mlm products and services to the marketplace, and that is what drives the wealth vehicle of network marketing.

There are different types of Network Marketing Comp Plans, and there are many more Hybrid forms.

But generally there are 5 different types, and you need to really understand the Plan that your network marketing company has.

The 5 Basic Kinds of MLM Compensation Plans are:

1)The Stairstep 2)The Unilevel 3)The Binary 4)The Breakaway 5)The Matrix

1)The Stairstep

The Stairstep is a simple plan that has requirements that you must meet to get up the ""Stairs of Success."" Each stairstep is a promotion based on Volume usually, and each promotion you make more money. Usually you must qualify each month for the rank you obtain to get paid at that rank. And the stairstep usually has a number of levels it pays down to.

2)The Unilevel

The Unilevel is a simple ""Number of levels"" that the MLM company will pay you, and usually there is no promotion or rank. You make money by getting a certain override off of the volume, and usually there is a requirement of volume to qualify for a check. Most affilaite programs operate this way.

3)The Binary.

The Binary is an interesting design for a Comp Plan. It usually has 2 ""legs"" that you can have ""Business centers"" in, and you have a volume requirement to get paid on each leg. There is what is called ""balance"" in the Binary. You must balance in some form the volume from each leg to make sure you don't have a runaway leg. One leg explodes, while the other one sits idle. You must balance the two, and you usually can override the same volume a number of times with different business centers.

4)The Breakaway.

Some forms of this plan have become somewhat unpopular in the industry, as you can lose the business in a leg you build, once it gets to a certain level of success, and it ""breaks away"" to no longer be a part of what you get paid on. Some other forms do not have this feature -- you can keep your business in every leg, even if it gets to the breakaway point. Depends on the type of stairstep you are usiing. It usually is a stairstep type of Plan, but I have seen it in others as well.

5)The Matrix

The matrix is a computer driven plan that people are placed into your group by computer, and they go in the next available slot. Usually this plan is combined with some form of a Binary, and it does work well if there are a lot of people that are recruited. When you recruit someone, the computer searches down for the next open slot, and positions them there. There are some plans that allow you to override the computer's selection if you want them to go a particular place in your downline. now you must see what kind of plan you have. See your upline if you have any questions at all, and get familiar with the plan you have and how it works.


DO NOT get too complicated on telling the mlm plan to someone. Keep it simple and make sure they understand that they CAN MAKE MONEY with it, as that is their greatest concern.

They are thinking, ""Can I make money with this? And is anyone else doing it?""

Generally, when you talk about an MLM Comp Plan, you will want to mention 4 general areas about it that many people will want to know about.

1)The First area is Retail Profit.

You must show the prospect that they can earn a retail profit with your products and services...usually it about 40- 50%...

2)The Second Area is Team Overrides.

This is where, just like a Real Estate broker, or Insurance Broker, you can develop a team of Reps and help them become successful, and get paid a certain % of override off of them, just like the Real Estate and Insurance Brokers do. You are sort of a ""Master Broker"" for your company, and help others do the same thing. This is where most people have trouble with MLM. They don't understand that what we do is just like a Real Estate or Insurance Broker, only better.

3)The Third Area is Leadership Bonuses.

This is where you help develop Successful Network Marketing leaders in your group, and you get an additional bonus or override from your group. You get rewarded by helping others develop their Leadership -- the most fair compensation in the world.

4)The Fourth Area are Rewards -- like trips and cars.

This area is a favorite among Network Marketers. Once you have reached a level of success, many companies will give you an additional car payment money, and also take you on trips that you can qualify for -- a great incentive to work!!!

Be sure you understand the components of your MLM Comp Plan. This was just a VERY General Overview, and that is all.

Again.....KEEP THE Network Marketing Comp PLAN SIMPLE.

The More Simple you keep it, the more powerful it becomes, as does your MLM and Network Marketing Success!


(c) 2005/ PassionFire Intl all rights reserved

About the author: Doug Firebaugh is one of the top MLM Network Marketing Trainers in the world. Over a million people a month read his training ezine. He spent the last 7 years traveling the world speaking and training on Success. He lives in Birmingham Michigan, and you can receive a FREE subscription to his training ezine- The MLM Success HEAT- at:

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Chain of Fools

Author: J Square Humboldt

It seems the Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval has been replaced by Oprah Winfrey when it comes to a validation of credibility ...

Having said that, if I'm not mistaken, all the former ever meant was that the product or service in question paid to advertise in Good Housekeeping magazine.

Still, in the vast anonymity of the cybermarket, a claim of credibility is vital to those who wish to convince us to send them money. Via her phenomenonally successful syndicated television show, Ms Winfrey's excellence at accurately portraying causes, incidents and situations has earned her a lofty mantle as the Anointess of Authenticity.

We can even see this phenomenon at work on the Longer Life Group's website that hosts my column, as there are products advertised which espouse her name. That's fine, of course, as it's easy for us to discern that the claims of these products are real in that respect (eg- Bob Greene really is her personal trainer). They are, no doubt, good products. If I ever feel the need to lose ten pounds in thirty days, I'll give them a try.

However, in the wild world of cyber-commerce, it seems that some salesmen decided to take a shortcut in this process. They figured it was good enough to merely claim their product was featured on Oprah.

As you've maneuvered through the spam and detritus of cyberspace, it's odds-on you've seen this headline:

'As Seen On Oprah! Teenager Makes $71,000 by Mailing a Simple Letter!'

The sales pitch relates the tale of a kid who diligently sent God-knows-how-many chain letters and wound up with a closetful of $10 bills, or something like that. The pitch goes on to state that this story was also featured on an American newsmagazine, 20/20, and featured in the Wall Street Journal. However, those outlets are merely there for support. It's Oprah that gives this story 'legs,' as they say in the movie business.

The object of the exercise is to induce you to buy into the chain by sending money to one or more of the names on a five-deep list, then removing the top name and adding your name to the bottom, so you can take your turn at collecting all that cash. You're surely aware of the drill.

In theory, this works to an exponential level. Then again, in theory, so does communism in mass society.

Need I say more?

From my research, it's false. Untrue. Never happened.

I went straight to the source and posed the question to the staff of Oprah, asking if any teenager ever appeared on the show and told how his chain letter made him $71,000 or more. Here's the e-mail I received:

""Date: 10 Oct 09:04

""Dear Viewer,

""We don't find any Oprah Show that talked about anyone making a fortune on a chain letter. References to chain letters include the cabbage soup diet, Mrs. Fields cookies and the Angel Network.""

""Thank you,

""Oprah Tapes and Transcripts""

While I do admit a temptation to start a chain letter in hopes of receiving sackfuls of Mrs Fields' cookies by associating it with a real e-mail from Oprah's staff --- after which I would click on that ad featuring Bob Greene so I could buy his weight-loss program --- my common sense tells me that it just wouldn't work.

Still, the purpose of making such claims is to attempt to override your common sense, to get you to think that if Oprah gave credence to the story, then perhaps there is something to it. So, when the 'target' amount they want you to pay is set at the price of a couple of beers or a handful of lottery tickets, the hook is well and truly baited.

What a logical way for you to lose a few bucks! And you will. Whether you send out letters or e-mail, you will lose your money and look silly to your recipients while doing it. Again, we'll discuss that next time.

For now, suffice it to say that as far as this story goes, I'm convinced that Oprah never aired it. The only reference we'll confirm is that Aretha Franklin sang it.

'Chain of Fools.'

About the author: J Square Humboldt is the featured columnist at Longer Life's website, which provides information designed to improve the quality of living. He's at

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MLM Training - Don't Sell Your MLM Business Opportunity Short, Sort Your Way To MLM Success!

Author: Richard Knight

Have you ever fallen into the trap of trying to ""sell"" your MLM business opportunity to everyone you call? Or dread calling leads because you're wondering, how you're going to sell ""all these"" people on your MLM business opportunity?

I know alot of MLM Business Owners do this when they first start out!

In my early MLM days my goal at that time was to tell (sell) my prospects on what my opportunity could offer them if they joined or signed up.

But as I later learned, all I should be worrying about was what they (my prospects) could offer ""MY"" business if I decided to enroll them. Which should be your mindset as well. Because as you'll soon realize. . .

It's 10x Easier To ""Sort"" Than To Sell Prospects On Your MLM Business Opportunity.

And that's because, your job as an MLM prospector is not to sell your prospects anything. Your job is to simply weed out the ""Looky lous"" and ""Tire Kickers"" from your list.

And let's face it, not everyone is a Prime candidate for your MLM business opportunity. Because if that were the case, we'd all be making Six Figure Incomes lightning quick.

In fact, it's been said that more than 50% of the population are not fit to be in business for themselves. And what's even more frightening is that the majority of these people, ""Don't Even Know It"".

See, when you try to ""sell"" these types of people, they'll simply string you along, waste your time, your energy, plus your valuable effort simply for the both of you to ""Painstakingly"" find out later on down the line that they weren't fit to be in your MLM business opportunity or ANY Home Business Opportunity, for that matter.

But when you ""sort"", you weed these people out from the get-go. No guesswork, no wasted time, no wasted energy, and best of all no one to waste your time. And that's because when you sort these people out of your list, what you have left is worth it's weight in Gold. People who are ready to change their lives, not just some curious on looker who filled out a form.

So needless to say, the sooner you know how to ""Sort"" prospects, the easier your job as a prospector will be.

5 Key Attributes Your Prospect MUST HAVE Before You Show Them Your MLM Business Opportunity

1 .Desire - They must have some type of ""Passion"" for making a better life for themselves. They need to possess the drive to do ""whatever it takes"" in order to reach their goals. In other words, they have to want to be successful because no one else can force them.

2. Money - Money usually follows desire. If there is enough desire, money is typically not an issue. But let's face it, they need the money or be able to come up with the money in order to purchase your business kit or enroll in your MLM business opportunity.

3. Critical Thinking - Did your prospect review and understand the information? Did the information generate questions? If so, that's a good sign.

4. Decision Making - Can your prospect make the decision to get started if all her questions are answered properly? - If they can't make a Yes or No decision after evaluating your opportunity and getting their questions answered, they're just wasting your time.

5. Instructions - If your prospect has done what you've instructed, then it's fair to say that he or she can follow instructions. And if they can't follow simple instructions now, it'll be a big ""Waste of time"" working with these people later on.

Keep these 5 attributes in mind as you go through your monthly lead list. They'll save you a whole lot of time and will help you find MLM Business Owners that are less likely to be pulled and more likely to be motivated along the way.

When you prospect in this manner, you lead in with strength. It's not about you or your MLM business opportunity... its not about what the prospect said or didn't say in her survey form or pre-screen call... it's not about any of that. It's simply about whether the person is ""wired"" to be in business for themselves or not. If they are, then help them get the information that will allow them to make an educated decision.

It's as simple as that!

We're all looking for Heavy-Hitter MLM strategies that the Big Boys and Big Girls use. Well this is one of them. They don't waste their time trying to pull ""everyone"" into their business. They know who's right and they know who's wrong for their business.

They know all you have to do is find a few ""Right"" ones and they're business will kick off to a flying start.

So remember, ""Don't Sell Your MLM Business Opportunity Short, Sort Your Way To MLM Success!"". Your job isn't to ""show"" everyone your opportunity; it's to ""sort"" everyone who's right for your opportunity from those who are not.

About the author: This article has been written by Richard Knight, founder of 45 Second Prospecting. Richard teaches struggling Network Marketers, and MLM Distributors how to close any MLM prospect in 45 seconds or less with his proven formula - Enroll in his FREE course today. . .